Wednesday, 22 September 2004

Computer Suicide And Unsuitable Supervision

My mother just sent me an email suggesting my lack of updating here must be due to the unlimited access to porn I now have. Alas, how I wish that was true, and I was able to whip myself up into the masturbatory frenzy I would so relish. The truth is less salacious. My computer, upon getting the internet, has committed suicide and is now just an ugly mechanical object that dominates my room with its uselessness. It stubbornly refuses to do anything.

Hence, my excuse of this week for not emailing of writing.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to write before the weekend though. It's Chuseok next week, a kind of ancestor worship/thanksgiving/Christmas all rolled into one, and is the biggest holiday and celebration of the Korean year. It's a family thing though, meaning I will be trapped alone, dwelling on my family many millions of miles away. Actually, I've a few plans to meet with people and maybe go to Busan, and I'll take the opportunity to get my apartment cleaned and sorted.

On Friday, with the kindergarten, a special morning of joy is planned too. This involves me being allocated a room, and puts me in charge of two events. First of all is the bowing. Perhaps unwisely, I am in charge of teaching boys and girls the traditional respectful bow for their elders. Some would say that getting a Western male to teach a Korean girl her traditional bow may result in a few inaccuracies. Luckily, last Saturday I went to a kind of workshop thing which was about Chuseok and the traditions, so I do have a little experience of it. I may add a few Kung Fu moves for good measure.

More disturbing is that they've put me in charge of the Korean wrestling. I have to supervise small Korean children wrestling. It is no exaggeration when I say that I am anticipating this as being one of the highlights of my life.

Well, I'm impressed. Maybe I should start writing more again, as this only took about 5 minutes and was quite enjoyable. Maybe I'll try and write about my weekend later, and enthuse a lot about my ongoing learning of the Korean language. And the excitement that the Gin Girls have suggested going out drinking sometime soon, which is the ideal opportunity for me to abuse and confuse them with gin. But I'll tell all about that when I write later. Maybe.

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