Monday, 8 November 2004

Weary, Tired Weekend

It was a bit of a sub-par weekend, and I'm still feeling pretty sub-par now. By no means dying, but just feeling generally run-down and with a slightly sore ulcer on my tongue making it a little sore to speak loudly.

The whole weekend I was tired, and I've not yet shaken it off today. I definitely need my holiday, just a couple of weeks away.

Anyway, Friday was the best day of the weekend. I met with Matt, Rebecca and some American girl called Leila. This girl was very pleasant, but a little loud and very analytical and perpetually trying to take the conversation down serious paths. Me and Matt had none of this, so whenever she tried to discuss art, politics, emotions, or any issue, we'd immediately start talking about dwarfs, transexuals, how many fish we thought we could carry, and Matt's claim that his mother was black. This girl seemed a little taken aback by some of our banter, although she enjoyed our continual references to the deep love we share for each other, but by the end of the evening I think she just reckoned I was mental.

Anyway, although I only had a few drinks that night, on Saturday I was ruined the whole day. I don't think it was being hungover, just knackered in general. I made it to my Korean class but had a nagging headache and heavy eyes. Then, after, I met with Suk-jeong so I could stare at her breasts and lips while pretending to make conversation. This actually went quite well, even though I felt dreadful, and we sat at a coffeeshop for a few hours. Next week is the island of Geoje-do, where I intend to ruin her honour.

That evening I met with Matt and Rebecca - who are my staple friends - and saw a film/movie with them at a DVD Bang. Matt was feeling as shattered as me so we needed something very undemanding, and we chose "Steve Irwin: Crocodile Hunter". This was absolute nonsense but very enjoyable indeed.

Yesterday I had a generally bad day. It was one of these days where everybody seemed to be getting in my way, and kids would say "hello!" in a cheeky way behind my back which hardly ever happens these days. One early teenage boy, in a group, swore at me in English behind my back too. I marooned myself in my apartment in the afternoon, after doing some shopping, felt generally lacklustre. In the evening I met Matt and Rebecca again and was very irritable. We saw another film, Resident Evil 2. It is a very deep and complex film.

I'm on better form today, although Monday is my worst day for teaching. It has my two worst classes at the end of the day: M6 and M7. I can deal with them, but because they are my 8th and 9th classes respectively, I'm usually pretty tired and find it very wearing. Today also, M7 start a story featuring a black kid which I know they will make silly comments about. Korea isn't very enlightened racially. Not neo-Nazi hatred, but sometimes a little insular and ignorant. I expect a battle with M7 today.

I am very much looking forward to my week's holiday.

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