Sunday, 12 December 2004

Brief Plans

Hmm. There are all sorts of little anecdotes and stories I'd like to share, if I could be bothered. But I'll restrict myself to the important stuff.

I finish my contract in two weeks and then go to Japan for a few days, the return flight paid for by my school for reasons that aren't entirely clear. I'll stay at Matt's for January and likely will go with him to Taiwan for a couple of weeks. In February my brother visits for a month. I may or may not have a job then - I intend to stay in Daegu.

My life recently has been quite pleasant - I'm much better after my week's holiday, before which I was rather burned out. I've become much more social too, and have caught up with many friends.

I've also realised that I've only got one male friend in all of Daegu - Matt. Not by design, but all my other friends are ladies, and mostly quite attractive ones. I'm not too upset about this lack of male companionship however. Matt and I agree that we are the only male friends a man could ever need.

I finish at my school in a couple of weeks then, just after Christmas. I will do my very best to avoid wearing the Santa costume this year, having paid my dues last year. Worse, though, is the carol singing the teacher have got to do on Christmas Eve, after school, on the other side of the city, in the freezing cold. Apparently a Santa costume is being readied for that. I will certainly not be wearing it.

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