Wednesday, 18 August 2004

Impending Storm

I'm very excited right now. Korea's about to hit by a typhoon/tropical storm, and the bad weather has just started to come. Yesterday the weather was hot and sunny, but waking up today I was greeted by rain, pishing it down. It's been going through spells of no rain/tons of rain all day.

This is just the warm up though. The BBC World weather forecast had the typhoon predicated as pretty much going directly through Daegu. Three raindrops decorated the weather's rain graphic, something I've very rarely seen before.

Rain is far more fun in Korea than it is in Scotland. In Scotland, rain is invariably linked with cold and wind. It doesn't rain heavily in Scotland, just persistently,. But in Korea, rain doesn't mess around. When it rains, it does it properly. It rains so that even a second without shelter will leave you soaked through. And in my experience, rain in Korea is usually associated with heat. In winter it never rained once, but now, in the summer, it gets stiflingly hot and then the heavens let loose.

It's been dark all day today, as very thick cloud cover utterly obscures the sun. Earlier, one of the darkest clouds I've ever seen passed over, so dark that when I turned the light off in the classroom it could almost have been night. There is a deeply ominous feeling in the air in this darkened world. The sense of the impending storm. A few distant rumbles of thunder have sent an early warning, as the rain stops and starts, practising for the big event.

The kindergarten morning trip to the outdoor swimming pool was cancelled today as a result. I don't really know why though, because they'd have got wet anyway.

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