Sunday, 28 December 2003

Birthdays and Propositions

Out last night for some birthday and leaving celebrations, though not a stellar night. I've decided that January will be a very subdued month for me as I've got 150,000 Won (75UKP) to last the month. My school is happy to give me an advance if I need it, but I'd rather delay getting an advance to as late as possible.

So last night was just meeting in a bar with loads of English teachers before heading to another bar. I think because it's the festive season there's been a lot of big gatherings which in one sense is good because it means I've met everyone to a degree, although on the other hand can seem a little overwhelming when you suddenly find yourself in a large crowd of people you barely know but they all seem to know each other.

It's good overall though. The main people I know right now are Matt and Nicki, the NZ cousins. Sangoon, you may be disappointed to know, has left Daegu and will be going to Australia in a week or two. So, alas, he's out of the picture. But to add to his complex character picture, I did learn from Matt that he's apparently an excellent singer. If you've seen Sangoon it would appear an unlikely image, but Matt claims he has an amazing voice. It would appear that it's his weapon for attracting the ladies.

Talking of ladies, on the way into town last night I found myself walking down a poorly lit street. It wasn't in a dodgy area, to my knowledge, as it was very near the centre of the city. But as I joined the street a young woman cried out for me "Hey! Hey!" and I found myself joined by a quite attractive Korean girl. "So time?" she seemed to ask. "So time?" I said, and she said it over and over. Realising I wasn't comprehending, she then said "You and me, have sex right?"

Now Korean women can be quite forward but I admit being slightly surprised. So I said "ok" and took her back and did her like a dirty dog.

No, of course not, I politely said I had to meet friends in a bar. She seemed disappointed and for a moment I thought she was actually going to follow me there, but mercifully she took her rejection. Seconds later another couple of women approached me, saying in better English "Showtime?" and I realised that I'd accidently wandered into either a street full of very forward women, or more likely a street of very forward women wanting money.

I presume they wanted money at least. Maybe they just wanted me.

Tomorrow I start teaching then. I could speculate now as to my thoughts and hopes and fears, but I can't be bothered. I'm going to look through all my workbooks tonight but probably get bored very quickly and end up watching BBC World or an action film on OCN (Con Air, Highlander and The Green Mile are popular right now).

Haven't decided about New Year yet. If money wasn't an issue I'd go with a bunch of people to Seoul where Carl Cox is DJing, but I know if I did this I'd blow my remaining monthly budget. Going out in Daegu is an option but I have a feeling I might have a deliberately quiet one and just stay in. I know this seems like a very lonely option but I actually quite fancy it. On New Years Day I'm supposed to be going out for a meal with an English guy Mik (as in Mick but without the c) and a few others. Mik seems like a decent guy, despite having a chinbeard and appearing to like metal (music, not the material).

Anyhow, that's all ahead, and I'm just waffling now. Email me if you want.

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