Monday, 29 December 2003

First Day of Teaching

God, just finished my first day of teaching. It was exhausting, though thankfully Monday is my biggest day. It went alright, my main hitches were the fact that each class I took (and there were 8 40 minute classes in total) I was going in blind, not really knowing what I was going to do, though sometimes I had a book and a really rubbish cassette player that doesn't work.

One class I gave up on because they were all at totally different stages in some bizarre book, the tape player refused to work and the class from the outset were demanding "games". Mostly I struggled through and I take heart from the fact that it's always going to be hardest when starting off, at least tomorrow I'll know roughly what each class will be like and what I need to teach them. I'm also going to improve my repetoire of games, as they are vital for spinning out the final minutes of a lesson.

The worst kids are the ones that don't say anything. At least the boisterous ones provide entertainment, but no kids are dreadful (yet). Korean children are disciplined properly and know how to behave.

Matt said a couple of weeks ago that every child in Korea is cute, and I agreed with him until today. I expect they'll all grow less cuter with time, but even now there's a couple of fat kids who not even a mother could love.

I'm off to recouperate at home now. Tomorrow there's a school concert, so I gather.

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