Wednesday, 14 January 2004

Forest and Farting

Hi folks.

Yup, I've just been working away. Even though it is pretty relentless sometimes, I'm totally into my stride. I can stroll into any of my classrooms now to the cries of "NevTeacher!" and teach the hell out of them. Or, quite often, play frivolous games and pretend to myself I'm somehow entertaining them.

Christ almighty, someone in this PC Bang has farted and My Good God it stinks. Sweet Lord, that is foul. It's like a dog has died and defecated at the same time. I'm not going to stop writing about it until it goes away and it doesn't appear to be moving fast. The thing is, next to me are two girls, and I cannot believe any girl is capable of something quite that foul.

Hmm. It seems to have mostly abated now.

Ok, here's a little detail of my day today, and the kids in each class, off the top of my head.

9.50 to 10.30. Forest class.

These kids can only be about 5 years old at the most, but seem to understand my English pretty well. They're a good natured class and not too much work considering their age.

There's Mikey, an amiable but dopey boy, not gifted but gets there. There's Joey and Eric who I get confused, but I think Joey's the one who colours in well. Both are happy, friendly kids. There's Kate, a bit lazy and easily distracted, but behaves well. Then Sarah, who's very bright and always eager to answer, and a fast worker. And Fiona, a clever enough and happy girl. She vomitted all over her work today. I was glad it was in the last 2 minutes of class because it smelt utterly foul. And finally Bonnie, a feisty little girl, who's very bright and enthusiastic, although often distracted and needs to be reigned it somewhat.

Next class is Cosmos. Hmm. I can't remember them so well, off-hand. Oh yes, I do, but I can't be bothered writing about them.

Or anything else, for that matter.


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