Thursday, 22 January 2004

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year as it's probably reported over where you are. Lunar New Year is the main holiday over here, and as such I don't have to work again till Monday, which suits me fine.

I don't really know what the whole LNY thing means, but I do know that it's the Year of the Monkey. This means that all those with pet monkeys will be blessed. I was born on the Year of the Horse, which is a bit of a let down for me. I've only ridden a horse once in my life, in Iceland last September, and I'd rate it in the worst 10 experiences of my life. Lower down the scale than losing your wallet, the harsh betrayal of an one-time friend, and diarrhoea.

Yes, diarrhoea has been a contemporay issue for me (the other two, fortunately, not so). I was not a well person on Monday. I knew on Sunday that my health was not at its fullest, but Monday it hit home. Monday also happens to be my hardest day of work, and I felt lousy throughout. A couple of classes I had to sit down because I was feeling so dizzy. But I battled through, because the hardcore don't succumb to illness. But when it was finally time for me to go home, then I assure you that my bathroom was one place that nobody would wished to have been.

But no pain, no gain. What I gained, though, I can't really say for sure.

So, my holiday started yesterday and, like today, I haven't done much yet. However, tomorrow H may be visiting and on Saturday we plan a trip to Gwangju, which is an area full of temples. I have a suspicion that one temple is much like another, but we'll see.

I'm also a little upset as because of the Lunar New Year, the nearby megastore Carrefour is closed, and it sold Leffe. Leffe is a marvellous beer but one which will be unavailable for now, as I expect Carrefour to be closed till Monday. While on Christmas Day all shops carried on as usual, and were packed (although Christmas is still celebrated here), they take this one more seriously.

Oh, I have a phone number too. I don't know what the UK code to dial out the country is (001?) but after that it's 082 053 984 9413. If you want to call me at an appropriate time then please do. I am 9 hours ahead of the UK, so between 10am and 3pm there it will be 7pm and midnight here. These times are fine, and on weekdays I'm often around in my apartment.

Ok. That's it for now.

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