Thursday, 15 January 2004

Photo Diary Excuse

Another short entry. The reason I'm not writing much, by the way, isn't because I don't have much to write about (oh, the pages of school politics I could tell you about, or the various idiosyncrasies of children) but I'm currently deep into work on my photo diary.

For those of you that don't know, my photo diary was my project of 2003. I vowed to take at least a photo a day so I'd have a photographic record of every day of the year. I made notes too, so I'd know what I'd done every day and have photos to prove it. Well, this mammoth and expensive task is now complete and I've begun writing up my year. This isn't a small job - I think it'll be the end of February before I'm done.

But because I'm doing so much work on that, my writing here suffers. Hopefully I'll get a bit of momentum back here because I've no shortage of material.

I'll try and get a proper entry soon. But for now, all you need to know is that work's hard but ultimately satisfying. I can last a year easily, and right now wouldn't write off another, albeit at another school probably.

And I'm drinking far less too. Money reasons in part, but also because the beer here is pure pish in a glass and I can't face going in teaching when still off my face from the night before.

Alas, I know myself too well, and by March the odds are even that my kids will start to wonder about their crazed, drunken English teacher swigging from a brown paper bag every few minutes.

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