Tuesday, 6 April 2004


Due it being "Arbor Day", something to do with planting trees, we had a long weekend with Monday off. The first half of that weekend was great, and I hope to catch up with it later, but the second half was dreadful.

I had toothache which just gnawed and gnawed away at me. Sunday night I got perhaps half an hour sleep, I managed a little more last night. The pain is less today but the left side of my face is swollen.

I went to the dentist (the upside here being that I got to miss my Cosmos class, who can be pretty hard work) and the problem appears pretty serious. Removal of a tooth or two, and replacements needed. Estimated cost: 2 or 3 million. That's up to £1500.

There may be cheaper options but I think that whatever happens won't be cheap. But I've got little choice, seeing that I'm not spending the rest of my life with a swollen face and gnawing pain. Plus, I've barely been able to eat for the last couple of days.

So I'm not at my cheeriest right now.

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