Monday, 12 April 2004

Toothless But Painless

Well, the tooth extraction turned out to be a pretty smooth process. I was expecting to be butchered and left bleeding, with a vastly swollen face and in pain for days.

Of course, not meaning to belittle the traumatic experience of war veterans, but getting a tooth taken out is on a par with a limb amputation, so it was still a very distressing experience for me.

As it happened, there was absolutely no pain, and against dentist's orders I was even perfectly able to go out and get drunk. I was hoping that combined with my medication, I could get completely messed up, but no more so than usual as it turned out.

I did wake up with pizza EVERYWHERE though. God knows what I did when I got home, because I have no memory, but somehow I managed to smear pizza all over myself and my apartment.

So now I've got a gap in my teeth, but it's pretty hidden and I've got to show people for them to notice. My face didn't swell up at all. I'm considerng not bothering with the implant, because it's going to cost me about 1.5 million Won, almost a months wages, and to be honest, I'd rather save the money for North Korea and keep the gap. Already the gap has become a familiar friend. I'm sure I could still a lump of chewing gum up there and it'd be indistinguishable from a real tooth.

So, my weekend was simply a case of getting my tooth out (and covering the dentist with blood, incidentally), waiting to suffer but not, then getting drunk on a fairly average night out.

Tonight I'm learning Spanish. Kristi used to be a Spanish teacher for 6 years so is doing Spanish lessons, and I reckon there's no way it can be as hard as Korean so I'm going to give it a go.

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