Friday, 21 May 2004

Korea Never Rests

Much like my kids seem unable to sit still, Korea doesn't appear to enjoy sitting back and resting peacefully. By this, I mean that everywhere you go, shops are being taken down and new ones put up, apartment blocks are continuously springing up, and nothing seems to stay the same for very long.

The British love their roadworks, and the Koreans love continually changing their buildings. Since I've been here, a motel has appeared across the road, a new restaurant has appeared a few metres from my apartment and an entirely new apartment complex suddenly appeared in the space of just a few weeks right next to my apartment (and looking far nicer).

The most upsetting example of this is the great little CD shop that gave a foreigner discount. I turned up one day and it was being torn apart. Now it's yet another clothes shop.

Anyway, that's my insightful observation of the day. I saw a job in Myanmar (the country formerly known as Burma) advertised and I'm currenty harbouring dreams of going there, but I think it's very fanciful thinking.

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