Wednesday, 19 May 2004

New Entries For Foul Children

When I wrote my list of most despised students, I completely forgot about my awful F2 class. I probably deliberately shunted them out my mind. They veer from funereal silence to very irritating chit-chatting. I don't mind a little talking in my class as long as it's not getting the way, but theirs is very distracting. I also get them at the end of the day, when they just don't care any more.

Anyway, that class has the screeching harpy that is Jenn. She easily nudges likewise harpy Annie for no.1 most vile child. She bellows and screeches and keep saying what sounds like "Cindy" all the time, which I don't quite understand (it probably means "turd" in Korean or something). She creates a bad atmosphere for the whole class, turning what would simply be a sullen class into a disgusting class. She poisons Alice, who I believe who be ok otherwise, and she intimidates some of the quiter kids who would have more of a voice if it wasn't for her insiduous vulgarities.

There's Jason too who, I'm afraid, is just a spastic. He's a runt of a child, looking like a deformed cartoon character but less funny. He also reminds me of an old man, but halved in size. Academically he's poor but not shocking, but his actual sense of the world around him is positively backwards. He's either chattering away to anyone or no-one, or has his mouth agape in confusion. Any question I ask him gets a bewildered and even shocked response, as if he doesn't believe I'm speaking to him.

Then there's Timothy, who's a gigantic lumbering beast of stupidity. But he's docile at least.

The other kids go from ok to slightly annoying, but are mostly submerged by Jenn's (and Alice's often) talking, or the sheer stupidity of Timothy or the very odd-looking Jason. They are definitely my worst class, the only class I have that I really have no fun teaching ever.

And I've got to teach them in just 20 minutes now. Here we go.

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