Sunday, 30 May 2004


I experienced and lived through an earthquake yesterday.

I'd just returned from the orphanage and was in my apartment recovering. It was a seeringly hot day yesterday (moreso than it ever gets in Scotland) and I'd been running around playing football and basketball and was an ocean of sweat. I was watching TV when suddenly the world began shaking. Only for about three seconds, and I didn't really know what it was at the time. It was like a lorry had crashed into the building, or like twenty gigantic lorries had driven by all at once.

However, don't get any images of tower blocks crumbling. It was just a little shake and until today I didn't even know what it had been. Here's the news report that I found.

South Korea Jolted by Strongest Earthquake Yet

(ATTN: UPDATES with more details from 4th para)

SEOUL, May 29 (Yonhap) -- The strongest earthquake to ever hit South Korea took place Saturday evening sending minor tremors across the country, with its epicenter in the sea off Uljin, the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) said.

Measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale, the quake occurred at 7:14 p.m. Saturday about 80 kilometers east of Uljin, KMA officials said. Uljin of North Gyeongsang Province is about 330 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

The tremor was felt across the country, including Seoul, but no damage was reported, they said, adding that jolts were particularly strong in North Gyeongsang Province.

"Buildings were shaken across South Korea. But casualties were not reported as the epicenter was very far from the mainland," a KMA official said. "A complex of nuclear power plants located in Uljin sustained no damage."

The East Sea earthquake was the 20th one to hit South Korea this year.

In 1978, a 5.2-magnitude earthquake was reported at Mount Songni of North Chungcheong Province, about 180 kilometers south of Seoul, while a 5.3-magnitude quake occurred near the North Korea-China border in 1980. Most earthquakes reported in South Korea are weaker than 3 on the Richter scale.

You see that? Korea's strongest ever earthquake. My God, I'm a hero for bravely enduring such a trauma.

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