Tuesday, 1 June 2004

Spanish And The Wrestling

It looks like I've dropped Spanish. I didn't go last night, making it three weeks in a row I've missed.

There are a few reasons why I'm dropping it. One, I'm also learning Korean and Russian. Two, these other languages are or will be of direct use to me and I'm currently hugely enjoying them, especially the Korean. But while Spanish is a very useful language, it hasn't gripped me so far. Maybe because it's got the same alphabet as English.

Also, 10.30pm on Mondays was a very bad time for me. I was always knackered, and it ended up costing me quite a lot in taxis every week as well as the tuition fee.

But mostly, my reasons for dropping Spanish is the wrestling.

I've been really getting into the wrestling right now, that is WWE, the real wrestling with The Undertaker and Triple H and Kane. It's great. Massive guys chucking each other about, with excellent storylines in the background, full of deceit, ruthlessness and passion.

And unfortunately, Monday night has two hours of wrestling on which I miss if I'm learning Spanish. It's the best night for wrestling.

I've got to teach now, but I'll try and infuse some wrestling storylines into my diary from now on.

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