Tuesday, 1 June 2004


I sometimes have to remind myself that the children I teach are actually real people. I find myself in this mindset that they're just animals, to be herded and controlled.

It also disturbs me that at this young age, I may actually be influencing some of these children.

But it disturbs me more that they may be influencing me. Here are some things that I now do since I began teaching, that I didn't do before.

1. Learn a foreign language

2. Watch WWE Wrestling passionately

3. Say "so-so" and "same-same"

4. Defecate in my pants.

5. Stopped getting drunk (two weeks now!)

6. Think only of myself

7. Cry at thunder

8. Cry when I don't get my way

9. Cry when there's the vaguest notion that someone may have said something less than delightful about me

10. Cry for attention

11. Get excited about aeroplanes.

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