Thursday, 17 June 2004

On Course For The Championship

Remarkably, my new footballing schedule isn't killing me. I'm probably only getting about 4 hours of sleep a night, but during teaching I usually only suffer a 20 minute spell of ghastly fatigue. Also, the effort in staying awake at such inapprpriate times makes the games much more enjoyable because of the challenge involved.

It was all a bit messed with last night though, because after work I went with the other teachers to the riverside, where we cooked meat and drank beer and soju. I think one of the Korean teachers - Cathy - made a salacious comment about me and my newly discovered good dress sense.

Actually, yesterday I was looking my best yet. In snug-fitting jeans and an equally snug fitting black top revealing a hint of chest, I only had to take a peek at myself in the mirror to realise what a fabulous specimen I was.

Anyway, I'm well on course for seeing every game right now, meaning that I'll have watched every game of this Euro Championships and the last World Cup live. Which is a definite achievement, if one that is of dubious merit.

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