Monday, 21 June 2004

Cash Soaked

Right now, back in my apartment, I have about 800,000 Won (£400) soaking in my sink.

This isn't for fun, or a burglar-tricking technique, but rather a cleansing operation. A couple of months ago I put all my money in the bin because I had to leave my apartment but couldn't find the key. The bin, I reckoned, would be a fairly safe place to hide my money.

But a couple of months passed and the money just remained in the bin. This bin is a barely used one at the corner of my room. But last week, I decided to take it out to avoid that awful scenario of actually throwing it away accidently. And something in that bin had rotted and putried and turned mushy, emitting a smell like HP Sauce, and was covering my money.

Hence, I decided to clean it. I considered the washing machine but reckon that might be a bad idea, so I'm hoping there can come no harm in soaking cash in water. Hopefully, unlike Levi jeans, it won't shrink.

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