Monday, 7 June 2004

Red And Tired: The Weekend: Saturday

It's Monday again, and not even half way through the day yet and I'm knackered, as well as being covered in pain, and shining red like a beacon of jam. I know that, come 7pm and the end of my day, I'm going to be exhausted but I don't care because it was a great weekend, worth all the pain now, and when I get home I've got hours of wrestling to watch.

Yeah, it was a very good weekend, and absolutely non-stop. I was in my apartment literally only to sleep, and even that wasn't much.

Saturday first, began as standard. To the YMCA as usual for my Korean lesson. It's only got three weeks left and then we get a test, and then there's no new courses till September. Hopefully we can arrange something, as Tim is also very keen to keep learning. It was a good lesson. Hard, and the remaining five people there (from an initial ten or twelve) were all really pushed hard. But my studying definitely has paid off, as I was good, especially in the reading. When it comes to the test, I'm very confident of aceing the reading the writing, but my listening is poor (in comparision) and my speaking isn't much better.

Some sushi with Tim after, and then an attemped CD shopping before the orphanage. However, I have drained the one remaining CD shop in Daegu of all good music and so there's nothing there for me any longer.

The orphanage was good. Matt came for his debut and seemed to enjoy it too. It was actually quite upside down from usual. Normally the teaching is pretty shoddy and undisciplined and my best time is spent playing football or basketball afterwards. This time, I had two girls and two boys and they were really keen. They had great fun as I made up little competitions with flashcards, and their English vocabulary was good. The more I go, the easier it gets, as the kids know my name now and I'm becoming one of the most established volunteers there are. A lot of people come and go for just a couple of times, but as my Saturday afternoon alternative would probably end up being spent vegetating in my stinking apartment, the orphanage is a far better alternative.

Plus, I am now able to take the moral highground with most people because I'm now an officially good citizen.

I had a quick beer with Matt after that and then it was off to the World Cup Stadium. Not for just another Daegu FC game, but a proper international: Korea vs Turkey. Football disciples and hangers-on should all know that Turkey last played Korea for the 3rd place position in the World Cup two years ago in Korea, Turkey winning 3-2 and scoring the fastest World Cup goal of all time (I think). Thus, I imagine Turkey had returned to replay the match.

The World Cup Stadium in Daegu is over 60,000 capacity and while it wasn't full, it had about 40,000 people there, and there was far more atmosphere than a Daegu game. I joined a number of people there. As well as Matt, there were: Laura, Rebecca, Mik, Greta, Kristi, John, Denise, Eileen and Nicky.

All these people are my friends in Daegu but in the last few weeks since I stopped getting drunk, and I lost my phone too, have been people I've seen hardly anything of. And this is probably indicative of my values as a friend, but I don't really care. I mean, I enjoy meeting up with them if it's convenient and enjoy going out for a drink or two, but I can't really be bothered these days. I see Matt a lot of course, but I've become very very lazy recently regarding maintaining friendships. I like all these people too, but I've become very happy with a lifestyle of early mornings and Korean study, and I don't enjoy getting drunk anymore. Maybe after years of hedonism back in Aberdeen, I want a change now I'm abroad.

It was good seeing everyone though and I am entirely to blame for my withdrawal from the world. We all drank liberally at the match (you can drink while watching football in Korea, which is a delight) and after a fairly lacklustre first half, Korea came back from a goal down to win 2-1.

After eventually managing to find a bus to take us downtown, a selection of us ate galbi and had more beer and then ended up at a bar, AU. By now, I was quite drunk although far from wasted. Matt managed to get the phonenumber of a Russian barmaid he chatted up, which will be very handy for learning Russian, which we still haven't started. She was apparently very attractive but I only saw the back of her head, although as backs-of-heads go, it wasn't bad.

At just before 3am everyone moved off to a club but at this stage I realised that it was time to call it quits. I knew I was drunk enough and if I carried on any longer it would suddenly be 6am and I'd be wasted, and I wouldn't really enjoy it anyway. So, almlost a unique experience for me, I called my night to and end early - while drunk - and went home. I actually think my drinking days are over now.

That was Saturday and it was good, but Sunday was much better but I've got to go and teach 6 straight classes now (that is, 6 classes in a row, not 6 classes of heterosexuals as my teaching encompasses students of all sexualities and lifestyle choices, of course). I'll try and write about Sunday... hmm... tomorrow.

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