Friday, 29 October 2004

The Director Isn't Always Evil

I'm feeling much better after my grumpiness over the last few days. And I'm feeling much mellower towards my director too, who has been a little less demonic since I wrote yesterday.

Yeah, at yesterday's final class, a time when the school is at its quiestest as only six students are there for Thursday's final classes, I saw from my window the teachers gathered round the table in the staffroom, eating away. I rubbed my stomach, letting them know I was hungry, joking. And a few minutes later, a knock on the door and it was my director with some hot pastry-type foods she'd bought from outside for me to have and share in my class. So that was nice.

And today was another rehearsal for next week's "Open House" and I nailed it. It was Cosmos Class, and they were perfect, both well-behaved but suitably excited enough for the director. At the end, she even said "Good job" to me.

It's been quite a hard week overall though, "Open House" just a small factor, the main factor is that I can now see the end. Two months exactly will be my final day. I had wanted to extend my contract my a couple of months, but as I'd be leaving at the same time as David, this wasn't possible. And so, with the end nigh I've been quite restless this week, thinking too much of future plans than on what I'm doing right now.

Future plans were orginally to travel through Russia with Matt, but this has been delayed by a year due to financial reasons, mainly ones connected with expensive renovations to my flats in Aberdeen. Hence, come January I'll be taking a holiday and then looking for another job, probably in Daegu again. I've got plenty of time to scope out a job I like, with shorter and less tiring hours than my current one. I would like to retain a job that allows a degree of flexibility in my teaching however, as I know some teachers are set like clocks to rigid cirriculums.

On other news, it's almost Halloween and to celebrate this, David has painted his face green to look like a monster, and stuck half a ping pong ball over his right eye to further monsterify himself. Little Tom, a space cadet in Forest class, was apparently in terrifed tears over this alarming sight.If I was four years old again, I think I would be too, and that's with David even without the monster make-up.

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