Saturday, 21 February 2004

Pizza Bloat

It rained last night. Back home in Scotland that would be an entirely standard observation, but in Daegu this is the first time I've noticed it rain since I've been here. Two and a half months and no rain. It snowed twice, lightly, but last night was the first evidence I've had that it rains here.

I didn't actually do anything last night. My intentions had been to go out and have a few drinks, but these were ended by pizzas from Carrefour. Carrefour is a large, Wal Mart-type French store one subway stop away, and I recently discovered they sell freshly made pizzas for 2000 Won, about a pound. And they're delicious, and very filling. So I bought four after work, and promptly guzzled two. And I was utterly bloated. I couldn't move and promptly passed out on my bed for two hours. When I woke, at 10pm, it was all I could manage to drag myself to the Manor in Ansim, where I collapsed on the floor and was too exhausted and stuffed with pizza to stand. So I propelled myself about the apartment by lying on my duvet and pushing myself about. Then I slept for about 10 hours.

It's been a very quiet week. Work then back to the Manor, that's all. Tonight I'm going to a party.

Work's been ok. I spoke to the director about now being willing to do over 40 lessons a week and I think she understood. At least if I am given more then I'll be in good position to complain. Believe me, 40 is more than enough as it is. The director likes me though. Unlike waiting-slowly-for-death John, I'm quite friendly to her and there's good communication. She bought me vitamins the other day and she continually worries about my health. She thinks I'm too thin. Believe me, if I continue to cram my filthy gob full of Carrefour pizza then that'll change.

I had a dream last night. Not Luther King in scope, it was nonetheless hard hitting. I dreamt I'd been pissing about it class, and had thrown a tape recorder from one side of the room to another, and it skimmed past a girl's head, just missing. Later in the day I was informed that the girl's parents were suing me for injuring her, and I spoke to a guy over the phone who informed me that school policy in this case was for me to stop working there. So I sat on a balcony for a while thinking "oh dear". Then the director spoke to me, saying that if I took a week off and came back with a better attitude then they'd let me continue working there. I said ok, but realised that this would probably mean they could screw me with lessons.

Do you think Luther King really had a dream, or did he just make it up? At least my dream is real.

Ok. When I start rambling about my dreams it's probably time to go. Bye.

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