Friday, 13 February 2004

Ugly Students

I think my ugliest child has to be a girl called Betty. She's about 6, and I only take her for a couple of gym classes every week. She's an unattractively podgy little girl, with a clumsy hippo-like face, and a lack of any real spark of charisma. Her only good quality might be a mild inoffensiveness. I would feel sorry for her, but she can't even muster that emotion in me. In fact, the only reason I've really noticed her is her sheer lack of interesting features.

Most small Korean kids are cute, but she's not.

Sunny, who must be about 7 or 8, also manages to avoid looking cute. Like an angry pig, yes, but not cute.

Kids who look cute get better treatment from me. Fair, maybe not, but they may as well learn the laws of life in my lessons as well as just a few lessons in English.

Actually, I often let little Betty win dodgeball, but that's only because it annoys the boys in the class.

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