Thursday, 26 February 2004

Wage Raise

Hurray, I negotiated a wage. 2 million a month now, up from 1.8 million.

I took a slight gamble actually, but whatever the result I don't really lose. She was offering me 1.9 million straight, but what I've negotiated is for 2.0 million for the 42 classes a week I'll be doing, down to 1.9m if my classes go down to 40 (which is the number I've been doing for 1.8m anyway) and if they go down to 38 or less then it's 1.8m. So I could have taken a fixed 1.9m deal but this way the more I do, the more I get. To be honest, if it did go down to 38 classes then I wouldn't be too bothered as I'd still be on the same wage as I've been.

She also, I think, thanked me for the work I've done so far. It was either that or she wanted to me and the kids to work hard, there was a bit of a communication confusion, but the tone suggested the former.

Anyway, I'm sure all this has just been a series of dull numbers, but I'm quite chuffed about my successful contract negotiations as it's not the sort of thing I've ever been very good at before.

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