Sunday, 29 February 2004


I think I passed out on the subway this morning. I was rather drunk, and I'm sure I got on the subway at about 6am, maybe 7. And I'm sure I was going in the right direction. Because suddenly it was 9am and I found myself on the wrong side of the city, at the end of the line, and the only way I could possibly have done this is to do an entire revolution on the subway.

It's been a fun weekend of drinking. With Kristi away to Seoul for the weekend with the keys to the Manor, I've had a void in my life and so alcohol has been my only companion. But a trusty companion it always makes.

On Friday night it was a "boy's night out" with my school, that is me, Daniel the sometimes annoying Korean teacher, and David. We ate food, had some drink and then ended up at some fantastically large Korean nightclub which had thunderingly odd music (an ultra bouncy version of Cliff Richard's Congratulations being one example). There was a stage with dancers bopping about. Poor David, who doesn't drink because it makes him ill, was clearly very very miserable at this stage, but me and Daniel were guzzling the beer and it was great fun. I was dancing quite a bit, and I think even became sleazy Nev and was molesting some poor girl on the dancefloor, but the overwhelming memory of the club was the sheer size of it.

Things got strange here, and I ended up at some goddam norebang yet again, with Daniel and some Korean girls. I have absolutely no idea who they were, how we met them, if they spoke English, how we got to the norebang or anything really, except that my singing was truly truly awful.

Last night was a party at Eileen and Maebh's house - two Irish girls. It was Maebh's birthday. It was good fun, plenty of familiar faces, and we all progressed to a couple of bars and clubs and I recall it being a generally good night, except for my subway mishap.

I get tomorrow off work as it's a national holiday so I think the plan is to go snowboarding in the north of the country. With Mik, Laura and a NZ girl called Greta. We're getting an overnight bus at midnight tonight, and I think before we're watching a couple of films in a DVD room.

I watched Finding Nemo on Thursday in a DVD room. It was great. I thought it would just be some stupid kids cartoon about a damn fish swimming about, but it was so enjoyable I'm seeing it agai today. That, and a Korean film recommended by Greta called The Two Sisters, or something, which she says is the scariest film ever.

Anyway, I'm in a diabolical writing mood as I should have written far more details but I just don't give a royal damn. I've got better things to do than to write for ages telling you my news.

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