Tuesday, 3 February 2004

My Weekend, Without Lopez, Affleck or Daddy/Diddy

I've definitely recovered from the suspect food/alcohol poisoning after my Haeinsa weekend, as I proved the past weekend, my first after getting paid.

Friday night was quiet actually, but on Saturday I met up with Matt plus two others, a fat guy called John and a fairly attractive dark haired girl called Heather. We saw Paycheck at the cinema, starring Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck used to go out with Jenny from the Block who used to go out everyone's favourite daddy, Puff (now called, inexplicably, P.Diddy). I'm not a fan of Lopez as I thinks she needs a kicking.

I find I get on with people who can go out and get absolutely guttered, and revel in it. Some people get embarrased about idiotic beheaviour when drunk, but I far prefer the people who love it. Lopez doesn't strike me as a lady who would drink till the morning. It is for this reason that it is unlikely that I'll ever be good friends with Lopez.

Affleck on the other hand, while a bit of a jerk, has potential - with some conditioning - to be a drinker. I think his upbringing has not been one of nightly boozing, and I don't think me and him would ever really hit it off, but he's not all bad.

Puff/P Daddy/Diddy is my favourite of the trio. While he's all gangster chic, I think he'd be a good laugh if you got over the ego. His drinking ability is questionable but I think he'd try, and I think he'd have a good joke about himself. I mean, this is the man who raps about brandy.

Anyway, none of the above were present on my weekend. It was an entertaining enough one, although with no real big headlines that I can print. Drinking in Communes mostly, the unofficial English teacher bar. It's good for meeting other English teachers but I don't like to frequent it too much as it feels odd being in Korea surrounded my whiteys.

I also bought a hifi off a guy called Dan, who's leaving. It's a nice piece of machinery with good bass, and I've worn out my 4 CDs already. I'm listening to Ulrich Schnauss (laid back, relaxing electronica), Plastikman (dark, sinister, paranoid, minimilist techno for stalkers) and a Ken Ishii mix album (funky techno with occasional percussional flourishes).

That'll do for now.

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