Wednesday, 10 March 2004

My Korean Girlfriend Phones

My girlfriend phoned me last night.

In case you can't remember who my girlfriend is, you may want to search back for the night preceding my first hungover day of teaching. At the fabulous fish restaurant with dental nurses, I made a highly drunken "boyfriend-girlfriend" agreement with one of the girls.

Unfortunately, Matt sees her sometimes as he gives private lessons to a colleague of hers. And so what was just an evening of drunken jest has been fuelled by him into marriage in waiting. He's told her (Diana is her English name) that I'm in Korea because I'm looking for a wife, and a few weeks back got her to phone me when they were all out.

Now I've got my mobile phone, he's given her that number, and so last night I got a call from an unknown number. Her obviously, drunk on soju with her sister (possibly). Her English is terrible and my Korean is limited to hello, thankyou, beer, and now I can slowly count to ten, so our ten minute conversation was a fragmented beast but nonetheless fairly amusing.

But she's got my number now. There's no hiding from her. She thinks she could be my wife and nothing will stop her from hunting me down, like a sniper picks off a panicking dog as it runs for shelter.

Oh well, if I've got a stalker and might as well take advantage of it...

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