Tuesday, 9 March 2004

Slipping Into The Stability of Normal Life

My life's started to settle into a bit of a routine now. Unlike travelling, where every day can be an absolutely new experience, living abroad can be much like living at home in many respects. I work till 7pm, then on weekdays go home most of the time, to my apartment or the Manor, and just relax.

The Manor will soon be no longer, by the way, as Kristi is moving to a place nearer her work. A shame, but it was fairly inevitable as the distance she commuted and lived frm downtown made things very awkward for her.

So it's just teaching as usual. Mostly going quite well - I feel I'm beginning to become a fairly good teacher. I'm a very laid back teacher and the kids like me. I'm finding it very non stressful too. There are moments when a rowdy class might get a bit wearing but I find I'm gliding into classes feeling very calm.

As I'm now a Monday to Friday man (11-7, not 9-5, but close enough) the weekend has become my drinking time. Not Friday last week actually, then I went to a DVD room with Greta, Matt, Laura and Tim and watched Battle Royale and Finding Nemo (again). Saturday was an excessily drunken night though. Just general drunken enjoyment although it did end with a bunch of us in a restaurant at about 6am and me taking a photo of some Korean girl who was with us. And she grabbed my camera and ripped the film out. I was furious so laid into her angrily, before storming out. I think I've made an enemy.

It was 4pm on Sunday before I was able to leave my bed fully, I was that hungover and destroyed.

But life is fairly calm and stable right now. It's all settled. My main group of friends has formed in the last few weeks and so it's quite nice having a reliable bunch of people to hang about with. They are: Matt, Kristi, Laura (maybe flatmate Tim), Greta, Mik and maybe the Irish girls Eileen and Maebh, and with a number of other people closely associated.

Ok, I've got 6 straight lessons now so I'm going to get ready.

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