Sunday, 28 March 2004

My Last Couple of Weeks, in brief

I've actually been very busy recently, but have been very neglectful of my diary duties. For the record, the last couple of weeks has seen:

- A great party at The Manor, where everyone was instructed to drink only red wine. We received about 30 complaints from neighbours and everybody was obscenely drunk. The following day we cleaned the place and said goodbye to The Manor, and I've moved all my stuff back into my apartment.

(from left) Kristi, Mik and John doing God knows what at the party.

- My apartment has been revamped. Cleaned, new furniture, new layout, and it's now looking great. Really cosy. I'm happy to be back.

My petite apartment.

- I scored a surprise victory with regards to the accursed phone teaching. I spoke to Mrs Kim, my director, telling her that on top of all my classes, my new phone teaching schedule was just too much. I was pessimistic of much changing, but hoped I'd get the number reduced. To my great surprise, later that day, I was told that I now have NO phone teaching at all any more. And either does David. This is great news, and makes work far far better.

- A school trip to the zoo. The chimpanzee pissed on David.

Leo, Fiona and Bonnie of Ocean Class.

Ocean class.

Sally and Rose of Rainbow Class.

- More passing out in subways and restaurants.

- Great weather. It's warm, sunny, clear-skied, extremely pleasant.

- I'm considering starting up a Korean Child Fight League.

- My night of anally penetrating stray dogs. No, just joking.

- General nights out, eating and drinking, mostly with Eileen, Maebh, Kristi and Matt.

Matt and "Jesus" Chris.

Kristi in a phonebox.

- I was meant to start yesterday but didn't, but believe it or not I'm going to help out at an orphanage. I know some others that do so, so I said I'd come along. Of course, as you might imagine, my motives for going are not the well-being of poor Korean children without parents, who are alone in this world with nothing or nobody on their side, but that it will look good on my CV and it's a good way to meet attractive girls (I hope) and seduce them by demonstrating my caring side.

- There was a monkey in the pub last night!

- I have decided to only be friends with people from interestingly shaped countries from now on. So Italians, British, Canadians and Indonesians are ok with me, but the Irish, the Austrians and the damn Swiss are no friends of mine. I told this to some rather shiny looking girls last night and they were deeply unimpressed. I could see in their eyes that they were thinking "Oh go away you annoying man" so I persisted with the point until there was nothing more I could say.

- My favourite CD shop in Daegu has closed! I am devastated by this. It had a great and quirky dance section, and they had a foreigner discount.

- Carrefour, as well as excellent pizzas which have become my entire source of nutrition, also do an amazing range of milkshakes. As well as the holy trinity of chocolate, banana and strawberry, they also offer mango, apple, tropical fruits (not yet sampled) and the divine melon. Melon milkshake is possibly the best thing I have ever tasted. I drank 8 in one day last week.

That's all I can think of for now.

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