Wednesday, 7 July 2004

Bad Boy Rodger

My M7 class appears to be one that goes up and down quite frequently. It's always a little boisterous and I have to remain on the ball to avoid that spilling over into mindlessness, but when it has good runs there can be good banter and everyone has quite a good time. It's certainly never a boring class.

However, when it's on bad form it can just be a pain to teach. The kids whine, act up, get cheeky, and have to be prodded hard to do any work.

After a while going in the right direction, it was set back when it merged with another smaller class, this one containing the monstrous bag that was Annie. The class slipped quickly into rudeness and insolence again. I actually kept quite a good grip it on it, but I know that the class was Daniel's most hated and dreaded class, and he rules with an iron fist.

Anyway, the good news is that Annie has gone, an event so glorious that I may take to joyous alcoholism again. In the same breath, Thomas (who was alright) and Ken have also departed.

Ken's departure was quite interesting, possibly the most interesting thing about him. Ken is perhaps the student to have made the least impression on over all others. His anonymity was startling. A quiet bespectacled boy, he was astoundingly unremarkable.

In fact, in many ways he reminded me of my good friend H. H is a quiet bespectacled boy who doesn't try to draw attention to himself. However, H also happens to be the greatest deviant I've ever encountered. I'm not sure Ken had any of "the H magic" in him.

Anyway, Ken left because he had a fight with Rodger it seems. Rodger, you may recall, is a student there that at the beginning of my teaching was the bane of my life, He's calmed a lot since. David said, that when he first started here, that in 20 years he was one of the worst students he'd ever taught.

And it seems that although much tamer in the classroom now, indeed he's actually fairly keen when in my class, he causes hell in the school (mini)bus. And apparently injured poor retreating Ken in some way, and Ken is no longer coming to our school.

The M7 kids were indicating that Ken was bleeding, and it may have been some kind of headbutt.

Daniel informed me that Ken is the third child to quit Castle School because of Rodger. Oh, bad bad boy Rodger.

I wish Rodger had headbutted Annie though.

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