Wednesday, 7 July 2004

Crying Hat-trick

I got the kindergarten hat-trick today.

The kindergarten hat-trick is the rare day that I can get a child in each of my three kindergarten classes crying. Today I got Daniel (Forest Class: 4), Sarah (Cosmos Class:6) and Christopher and Jim (Forest Class: both 6) in tears.

Actually, my role in their tears was not too significant. Young Daniel burst into tears, a not infrequent occurence for him, because he perceived potato-head Alex to have been fighting with him.

Sarah, not a crier, inexplicably burst into tears when she likewise perceived her friend Sandra as fighting with her. Sandra was baffled.

Christopher cried for a good 10 minutes because... ahem... another kid thought of the food "bananas" before he did.

Only Jim do I have full responsibility for. He was being a pest all lesson, and repeated calm warnings weren't working, so I eventually yelled at him annd wouldn't let him sing in front of the class. He burst into floods of tears.

So, maybe not a proper hat-trick, but still a worthy effort. I may, one day, try to get all my kids in every class to cry in a day. I have found that recently I'm getting more kids to cry than usual.

I do enjoy children crying.

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